Although it would be nice to take your furry friends on vacation with you, it is not always a realistic option. Here at Muddy Paws Country Spa, we offer overnight care for both your canine and feline family members, so that while you are away they can have a little vacation of their own. We strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your pet while you are away on vacation, business, or maybe just a night out on the town. Pick up and drop off times are available 6 days a week, not including holidays, which means no matter when your pet may need a place to stay, they are always welcome here.

When you are away, you never have to worry about the care your furry friend will receive. Providing both comfort and luxury, your pet will call our spa their home away from home. We offer two different room styles both with natural lighting, heating and air conditioning, and enough space for any size dog. Whether you want to provide us with your pet’s favorite food or use ours, there will never be an extra charge. We also offer an extensive room service menu and various add-on upgrades to pamper your pet during his or her time with us.

Our comfortable rooms are not the only reason you should board your pet with us; we also provide full-service veterinary care on-site, administer any medication and follow any feeding schedule. When you come to Muddy Paws Country Spa, you can count on quality care from professional animal lovers; your canine or feline will be treated as if they are our own.

Boarding for dogs starts at $35 per night for the Standard Suite or $45 per night for the Luxury Suite. Cat boarding starts at $25 per night per cat. See our Boarding and Daycare Menu for a complete price list.  There are some variations in price, depending on the needs of your pet and whether or not more than one pet will be staying with us.  Please contact us with any other questions or to book an appointment.

Standard Boarding


Luxury Boarding



When it comes to having your dog groomed, you have to have reliable service from groomers that you trust. Offering grooming services six days a week, Muddy Paws Country Spa is the place to have your pet pampered. We care about your dog and the upkeep of their appearance. We strive to not only provide you with exceptional services through our detailed attention to the special type of care your dog requires.

Whether your furry friend needs a basic trim, or something more dramatic, our professional groomers can take care of you. Whether they are getting a summer shave or winter brushing, your pet will not only feel beautiful after leaving, but look wonderful too.

At Muddy Paws Country Spa, we offer full-service grooming which includes: Haircuts, Trims, Bathing, Nail trims, De-Shedding Treatments, Ear Cleaning, Gland Expressions, Heavy Coated Brush-Outs and much more. Take your dog’s hair to the next level; after they are styled, groomed, and pampered, your dog will love you that much more for choosing us! 



Here at Muddy Paws, we understand the importance of exercise and socialization in your dog’s everyday life; therefore, we offer dog daycare six days a week. Whether boarding or just playing for the day, our daycare provides a fun, yet safe environment for your dog to play, exercise, and socialize under the close supervision of our fully-trained staff.

Dog Daycare at Muddy Paws is one of the most fun aspects of our business. Daycare is a great way to exercise and socialize your dog in a safe and controlled environment while providing them with the stimulation and training they need. When you come to Muddy Paws Country Spa, all dogs are evaluated individually and our number one priority is pet and staff safety. You never have to worry about aggressive dogs or overbearing barkers interfering with the attention your dog will receive.

Live webcam access gives you peace of mind as well as a glimpse into how fun daycare can be for your furry friend. Our outdoor daycare yard features K-9 Turf, plenty of shade, a swimming pool, and lots of space to run or simply sunbathe. We offer a FREE- first day of dog daycare as an evaluation day and encourage all of our boarding dogs to take part in the play yard fun! If you are looking for a safe and fun place for your dog to come to while you are at work or busy, visit our facility today.