Dog Grooming: What to Do at Home, and What to Save for a Professional (Part Two)

In our last post, we explored some easy, DIY options for basic dog grooming at home. However, some things require a professional touch, and dog grooming is no exception. Unlike the dog grooming you do at home, which are simple exercises that can be performed daily or weekly, professional dog grooming is more akin to… read more

Dog Grooming: What To Do at Home, and What to Save for a Professional (Part One)

“Dog grooming” is perhaps a misnomer for the general physical care of your dog’s coat and other hygienic needs. Unfortunately, many people confuse the term to be another way of saying “giving your dog cute haircuts.” The word grooming, by definition, means to “look after the coat of [an animal] by brushing and cleaning it.”… read more

When You Should Consider Boarding Your Cats Instead of Leaving Them At Home

It’s no secret that when you go on vacation, dog boarding is a great and viable option for your pet. Dogs are innately social and can be deeply saddened when left at home alone. Cats, however, are not at all the same as their canine cousins, and boarding your cat might seem like a counter-intuitive… read more

6 Common Misconceptions About Dog Boarding: Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of our series about common dog boarding misconceptions! Click here to read Part One. Myth #4 – Dog Boarding Will be Traumatizing For Your Pet It would be vanity to try and say that dogs don’t get sad when you leave them. Of course they do, and you’ve been a first-hand… read more

6 Common Misconceptions About Dog Boarding: Part One

We all like to dream about things that are unattainable. It’s nice to think of how life might be different if certain wondrous, incredible things were within our grasp. Some people want to win the lottery. Some people want to see the whole world. And, for Pete’s sake, some people just want to be able… read more

Why You Should Skip the Dog Park and Go to Doggy Daycare

It’s hard not to smile when you take your loyal canine friend to the dog park. In fact, if you don’t smile, your heart may very well be made of stone, because how can you not appreciate the sheer joy your dog feels when you let them loose? Going to the dog park is like… read more

A Memorable Valentines For You and Your Cat

Pamper Your Baby For Valentines This Valentines, make it a truly special occasion for your loved one. Your special little kitty will love some pampering and attention. Don’t think something like “I should spend this day with my partner,” because your cat needs attention just like your partner, probably more since you’re their entire world.… read more

A Memorable Valentines For You and Your Dog

Muddy Paws Country Spas Valentines Day Guide Valentine’s Day is finally here. You can now, officially, display your unbridled love for the one thing in your life that makes you happier than anything else: your puppy, your fuzzy buddy, your spirit animal, your schnookums fritz. Of course, gift giving is always at least a little… read more

Understanding Your Pup: Body Language Part 2

Muddy Paws Country Spa is ready to dig into interpreting your dog’s stress and nervousness signals. Learn to decipher these feelings in your dog so you can work to alleviate those stresses that your happy go lucky puppy just doesn’t need. Check out our previous body language blog to find out more, and look here… read more

Understanding Your Pup: Body Language Part 1

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your opinion), dogs cannot verbally communicate. Unless, of course, you teach your dog to say “momma” or something to that effect. Even in that case, your dog is still going to use mainly non-verbal communication to connect with you and let you know what it wants. The secret to having… read more